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Juliet Riseley


Juliet Riseley has been a “partner” in Rotary for longer now than she would generally wish to admit – that’s about 40 years to be exact. This is long enough for her first youth exchange daughter to be approaching her fiftieth birthday and long enough for Juliet to reach her own third decade as a Rotarian. So, after hosting numerous Exchange Students; becoming a Rotarian as the Charter President of her club; fulfilling a wide range of roles on District Committees – including webmaster, literacy working group convener and Foundation funding chair – andserving as a District Governor in 2011-12; Juliet still believes that the Partner roles in Rotary offer more opportunities today than when her husband, RI President 2017-18 Ian, first joined his club. She says:

“Rotary in Australia in the 1970s was still a bastion of males and the role of female partners was pretty limited to social and ‘helping’ roles. These days, partners are seen as an integral part of our Rotary organization (whether Rotarians or not) and they are valued for the innovative views and resources they can bring to our activities and projects. Partners broaden our base and extend our reach in serving humanity and I’m proud to be counted amongst them.”

Beyond Rotary, Juliet had a long career as an information specialist and educator working in Medical Research, Corporate and Education in all sectors from Early Learning to Tertiary. She has a Masters degree in Information Management from Monash University. She admits that her career brought together 3 things she loves: helping people, the quest for accurate information and the joy of watching children develop confidence and competency as they grow to understand the world around them.

Juliet and Ian live on 6 hectares on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia where they practice their personal philosophy of sustainable living. They have 2 children Andrew and Jill, both married with their own families. Juliet and Ian are multiple Paul Harris Fellows, Major Donors to the Rotary Foundation and Bequest Society members.